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Custom Singing Telegrams put the “special” in special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, going away party, Boss Day, promotion or Valentine’s. We do pranks and even corporate gigs too.
Each singing telegram includes two to three songs of your choice delivered in one of our 10 plus costumes. Upgrade your telegram with flowers, balloons, candy or even personalized lyrics.

We love making people feel special. We love making memories that last a lifetime, and stories that will be told over and over again. One of our favorite phrases that we hear from recipients is, “I can’t believe this happened to me!”

Our core philosophy is that celebrations are the spice of life. It’s our aim to make your special occasions as spectacular and memorable as possible. Anyone can send boring old flowers and a card, easily forgotten and thrown out in next week’s trash. If you want to make an impact and a give the gift of a cherished experience, singing telegrams just can’t be beat.

Best Singing Telegram Service Provider In Mumbai

We provide various types of singing telegram themes.

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