Singing Telegram service provider & Organizers In Mumbai

Singing Telegram Organizers In Mumbai

Singing Telegram Organizers wishing a loved one with a card, flowers or gifts is now passe. Send-a-song is an innovative form of greeting.
A troupe of professionals merrily clad will surprise your friend, colleague or loved one at his doorstep with songs, flowers and chocolates.
And hey! You can add a bottle of champagne, a diamond ring or a pet Dalmatian if you want. You know, some people can go completely berserk.

For a standard (Singing Telegram Organizers) Send-a-Song package you get :
A Guitarist, A large handheld bouquet (Flowers of your choice), A 1 Kg Marriott’s Chocolate Cake (Egg or eggless), a custom-made Greeting Card, the theme song and two request songs
Theme Song: Happy Birthday OR Congratulations OR For He’s (or She’s!) a Jolly Good Fellow

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We have been doing singing telegrams in Mumbai since 1994. The shows are designed to make someone the center of attention and also entertain the guest around. They are performed by actors who know how to think on their feet and improvise.

We are not trying to shock or embarrass anyone.

We use no bad language or rude costuming. Of course, anytime someone is made the center of attention it can be a little embarrassing, so watch out for paybacks!

We use only professional actors, clowns, singers, musicians, etc. We screen our talent carefully. They will show up, and do a wonderful job. Every once in a while a car will break down, or there are situations that are beyond our control, but the performer will call you.

As much as you can give us! We do provide service with a 36-hour notice but advanced reservations are appreciated. (Less gray hair for the office staff!). Ideally, a 3 day notice period is the minimum time we accept.
It is very important for the sender to acquire prior permission and security clearance from the recipients' place. Often we are stopped by the Building security, Hotel staff or office Management.
It is also essential to ensure that the recipient is present at the appointed time to accept the Singing telegram. The team will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes and will move on. The cost of the telegram is not refundable or adjustable to another hour.

A : Any flowers of your choice. We generally get a large bouquet. Since we are not a florist company we do not keep any standard bouquet designs.

A: Generally a Marriott’s Chocolate Cake. We accept options of Eggless and other flavours.

A : Yes.. It is a custom design card. You may give us the wordings

A: Theme song is either Happy Birthday ( for Birthdays) or Congratulations ( for Anniversaries)

A: We will need a few options in advance. So that the entertainer can prepare Send us 4 to 6 options we will perform 2.

A: Preferably English .. but we also perform popular Hindi

A: The cost will remain the same. You can add whatever else you wish to the package. We will be happy to present it during the telegram

Birthday Parties Service Provider In Mumbai

Custom Singing Telegrams put the “special” in special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, going away party, Boss Day, promotion or Valentine’s. We do pranks and even corporate gigs too.
Each singing telegram includes two to three songs of your choice delivered in one of our 10 plus costumes. Upgrade your telegram with flowers, balloons, candy or even personalized lyrics.

We love making people feel special. We love making memories that last a lifetime, and stories that will be told over and over again. One of our favorite phrases that we hear from recipients is, “I can’t believe this happened to me!”

Our core philosophy is that celebrations are the spice of life. It’s our aim to make your special occasions as spectacular and memorable as possible. Anyone can send boring old flowers and a card, easily forgotten and thrown out in next week’s trash. If you want to make an impact and a give the gift of a cherished experience, singing telegrams just can’t be beat.

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